Art Forum

The Art Forum was founded in 1986 by Ms. Olga Korre, as a Greek company with European and international character, thanks to the distinctive stigma of genuine, authentic products in jewelry and antiques. The headquarters initially covered the northern and southern suburbs of Athens, with two stores in operation, in Glyfada and Kifissia, respectively. In recent years the company is based in Kifissia, maintaining the charm, aesthetics and quality of all authentic products and services, having expanded its range of handmade charms and jewelry with semi-precious stones and faux bijoux, adapted to modern needs and requirements. .

The whole idea, first of all, was in harmony with the genuine character of Mrs. Olga Korre, who with her personal passion, love and passion, but also her deep knowledge in the field of works of art, traveled to England, France and Belgium, in order to single out one by one the products that “dressed” the gallery uniquely. Thus, over the years, a collection of unparalleled aesthetics and value was formed, from separate creations to jewelry, antiques, gift suggestions and decoration.

Today, Art Forum Gifts, through its digital presence, comes to add our unique, handmade creations to charms and jewelry made of semi-precious stones, which you will find exclusively in our space, in Kifissia, but also in our online store ! Maintaining a balanced “quality – price” relationship, Ms. Olga Korre proposes maintaining the same aesthetic line and creative value, without any discount on aesthetics and quality that stand the test of time, but with a purchasing power, comfortable and affordable for everyone!